assembly main
2012 [Permanent]
Busan KR
Acrylic blocks, steel, digital emulsion
Dimensions variable
A cloud of 5,500 blocks occupy the air. Digital pixels play over them creating an emulsion of digital light within the physical arrangement. This habitat for digital forms to exist in our world offers a new canvas for visual expression.
The spectator studies a boundary line between the digital and natural worlds, experiencing figurations of imaginary digital forms rendered into the limiting error-driven physical system. The system abstracts the intentions of these forms through its own geometric vocabulary. For digital to exist in the real world, it must suffer its rules, and gain its possibilities.

Assembly takes inspiration from nature, whilst becoming an artefact of technology.

Production staff
Minjae Kim
Minjae Park

Daniel Tang
Chris Coleman-Smith

Videography by
Kimchi and Chips

| ASSEMBLY | 2012, Permanent. Busan.